Executive Coaching for Managers in Health, Education and Human Services

Executive Coaching:

Dr. Lybarger offers one-on-one Coaching to Executive level managers. The process is informal and offers executives the opportunity to make a private comparison between their management style and a Leadership Success Template created by Dr, Lybarger. The conversation starts with "just because it feels good to you does not it is good for you." Dr. Lybarger leads this interaction through the multiple layers of Less-Is-More. In many situations, 40% of the Executive's workload can be deleted or shifted to a more appropriate decision maker in the organization. This "leaning" of the workload allows the Executive to direct their attention to Macro rather than Micro issues. More is not more for Executives!

Dr. Lybarger's Perspective on Coaching:

Every Executive needs a Coach! I spent 25 years managing and being managed by health and human services organizations. My successes were significant --- so were my failures. I had a Coach, my wife. Was there a better way? Sure! Could I have increased my success-to-failure ratio by seeking the assistance a coach? Yes! There were personal failures and family traumas that could have been avoided if I had taken advantage of objective vocational reality checks (Coaching).

Why You Need A Coach:

  1. Never accept vocational guidance from the person you are sleeping with.

  2. A strength can become a weakness. The skills traits, attributes and attitudes that make you great can make you equally bad.

  3. Executive like themselves! That's the reason they insist on "everything" crossing their desk. Forty percent of that "everything" could be done equally well by someone else.

  4. Just because it feels good to you does not mean it is good for you! On several occasions I had that real good warm and fuzzy feeling as I gave away any chance of organizational success.

  5. You always understand what you say!

  6. You have great ideas, always!

  7. The Executive Management Team (you spend 40% of your time with them) tells you how great you are. You may not be great.

  8. There is no correlation between hours worked and productivity.

  9. The ultimate compliment to your Leadership/Management ability is that the organization works well without you.

  10. The higher your position on the organizational chart the more autonomy you have. That means you get to make decisions of significance with little or no administrative oversight. Think about it. How dangerous is that?

No matter how good you are, you can be better. Call me, I guarantee it!


It is not unusual for the Coaching relationship to lead to a Consultation relationship. Dr. Lybarger will assist the organizations with non-traditional strategic planning and staff training. His perspective on planning is "ponder less and do more." He agrees with Keith McFarland --- traditional strategic planning is DOA. Dr. Lybarger takes the view of Jack Welch and Jim Collins that doing rather than thinking differentiates between good and great business organizations. The staff training component deals primarily with the creation of a Culture of Execution.

Leadership Development:

The lifeblood of organizational success is leadership development. There must be a continuous flow of new and competent leaders. Dr. Lybarger uses his Matrix Analysis Process to identify individuals with leadership potential, create a Gap Analysis that illuminates their training and development needs and gathers periodic snapshots of their progress or lack of progress as they move through the leadership pipeline.

See Dr. Lybarger's c.v. and explore the range of his healthcare management related coaching and consulting experience.

Fee Schedule:

Dr. Lybarger's Fee Schedule includes $250.00 per hour for Consultation and Staff Training. There is a $1,000.00 retainer fee required.

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