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Community & Residential Supports for Persons with Mental Retardation:

For several years there has been a sociological trend toward moving persons with mental retardation from large state operated institutions to smaller community living options. The quality of care and treatment (Standard of Care) is defined by state and federal regulations. Dr. Lybarger has been asked to provide his expert opinion related to personal injury and wrongful death in over 70 cases. The quality of Dr. Lybarger's work is supported by 30 years of experience in the management of community and residential supports systems for persons with mental retardation.

Public Residential Facilities for Persons with Mental Retardation:

Many states continue operating ICFs/MR even though the service delivery trend is toward smaller facilities. Dr. Lybarger was the Director of facilities of this type for several years. He is often asked for his expert opinion related to the quality of care provided to a residents living in this type congregate residential setting.

Special Education:

Parents of children with learning and behavior problems often times find themselves in conflict with the local school district related to the array of services they believe their child needs. The obligation of the school district and the rights of the family are defined by state and federal law. The difference of opinion is usually settled in an Administrative Hearing. He has offered his expert opinion in these matters on several occasions.

Special Needs:

Dr. Lybarger's casework has included:

  • developmental disabilities, juvenile treatment facilities, private psychiatric facilities, community mental health centers and special education
  • mental retardation
  • care issues related to medical centers, nursing homes
  • loss of life potential
  • personal injury
  • wrongful death

Juvenile Treatment Centers:

Most states operate residential treatment centers for adolescent boy and girls with significant behavior challenges. His doctoral training and vocational experience allows him to offer expert opinions related to the care and treatment provided in these inpatient treatment facilities.

Long-Term Nursing Care Center:

Dr. Lybarger is often asked to provide a Standard of Care opinion related to the quality of care provided to an individual living in a nursing home. His experience in the management and supervision of long-term care facilities provides a firm foundation for his opinions in this growing portion of our service delivery system.

Inpatient Psychiatric Hospitals:

Dr. Lybarger has spent considerable time managing statewide service systems where persons with significant mental health challenges receive treatment in inpatient psychiatric hospitals and mental health centers. On multiple occasions he has been asked to provide Standard of Care opinions related to personal injury and wrongful death in these mental health service centers.

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Fee Schedule:

Dr. Lybarger's Fee Schedule includes $250.00 per hour for record review and $350.00 per hour (four hour minimum/prepay) for deposition and trial testimony. There is a $1,000.00 retainer required.

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